Welcome to Horspole F1 Racing.  

We are an independent racing team which has spanned over the years.  It all began with Mick Horspole, who started in 1958 racing for Gordon Woodman's in Holbeach, LIncolnshire.  It was on a solo 350 Manx Norton.

In 1959-1960 Mick joined with his brother John Horspole in partnership with a sidecar outfit.  It had a Bonville engine and between them, over the years they had some really good rides.  They were Champions at Cadwell 2-3 times and were racing when the likes of the greats Mike Halewood, Phil Reed and Bill Ivey were racing solos.

They moved onto a Westlake sponsored by John Bingham from Wainfleet, Skegness.  For those of you with a long enough memory they tried sidecars with wheel steering for a while but didn't get on with it as the bike was all over the place.

They competed all over the place and even had a podium finish at the Isle of Man.

They packed up after 20 years in 1978.


Gary was always with his dad in the pits and when Mick packed up there was a void.  Gary got a road bike at the age of 16 and started racing on solo bikes.  After a couple of crashes they decided he would be more suited to three wheels and Horspole Racing began.

Over the course of his racing career Gary (47) has ridden eight different outfits with seven different passengers and won two British Championships, secured three Isle of Man TT podium finishes and won two Stars of Darley races.  His longest partnership was with Kevin Leigh, they raced for fourteen years together and if you ever get a chance, ask them about Kevin being hurt in Knockhill - its a funny story...maybe not so much for poor Kevin!


Gary returned to racing in 2011 after two years out nursing a leg injury that forced his retirement from the sport. He used the 2011 series to ease his way back into racing and using an LCR chassis powered by a Honda Fireblade engine prepared by top engine builder Keith Whiting he posted a steady flow of points finishes.


Jimmy Connel joined the team half way through this year after Paul Knapton was injured in the TT races in June.  Jimmy and Gary have made such a good pair and have gained some brilliant results so Jimmy will be staying with us for next year.  We are excited, looking forwards to next years racing as we have a new sponsor which we welcome, we also have our local sponsors still with us.

Gary and Jimmy ended this year in 11th position in the Championship, it was a disappointment as we were hoping for 7th or 8th.  Double points were on offer at Brands Hatch but there was a problem with our suspension unit.  They worked on the outfit all afternoon to try to fix it but Gary had to pull in during the 2nd race.  We were only 3 points off the top 10.  

We will make sure it doesn't happen next year as we have already ordered the new bits needed ready to go.


We have no doubt that Gary and Jimmy will make next season their own.  They work well together both on and off the bike. Together they make a formidable team and next year sees a new team outfit and team kit.  There's no stopping them!


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Horspole Racing


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